Get Involved

There are many different ways to get involved with the work of AGYA.

1. Host a Supply Drive, Fundraiser and/or Awareness-Raising Event in Your Community

You can organize a bake sale, car wash, fashion show, art auction, poetry show, supply drive, or a dance party. Get creative!!! Before your event, contact us at: to request hand-outs for your special fundraising event! After your event, contact us to make arrangements to send us the collected items or the money you raised.

2. Donate!

Financial contributions are crucial to AGYA's ability to function. Donor dollars go a long way in Uganda, and your tax-deductible donation gives AGYA the flexibility of purchasing goods in the communities where we work.

Here is a snapshot of how AGYA puts your donation to good use in Uganda:

$65 helps us feed 50 kids for 1 week

$4,800 annually (or $400/month) helps us maintain the AGYA Community Center

$50 helps us purchase a one month supply of art materials

$30 helps us purchase a one month supply (20 gallons) of clean drinking water

$250 helps us purchase a computer

$100 helps us pay 1 year of school fees for a child in primary/elementary school

$250 helps us pay 1 year of school fees for a youth in secondary/high-school

$120 helps us pay for a 2-hour recording session in a local studio

$1,6000 helps us purchase a round-trip flight to Uganda

To make a tax-deductible donation to AGYA, mail your check or money order to:

AGYA International
1620 Centinela Avenue, Suite 303
Inglewood, California 90302

Your check/money order should be made payable to "AGYA International"

You can also donate online by clicking the yellow "Donate" button to the right!

For non-U.S.A. donors who wish to contribute, please e-mail AGYA Executive Director, Divinity Matovu at to make arrangements for your contribution. Thank you in advance for your support!

3. Travel to Uganda as an AGYA International Volunteer.

AGYA's International Volunteer Program provides support, guidance, housing/accommodation, and language training to people seeking rewarding, enriching international volunteer experiences in Uganda.

Promoting skill-sharing, cultural immersion, and international awareness, AGYA offers volunteers the unique opportunity to make meaningful contributions to local communities in Uganda through teaching, care-giving, facilitating workshops, conducting outreach and advocacy efforts, and sharing professional skills. AGYA organizes both group and individual volunteer trips.

 Above: AGYA Volunteers complete a community service project at Nabulagala Good Hope Primary School, one of AGYA's local partners.

AGYA currently offers the following Volunteer opportunities in Uganda: Photography Teacher, Poetry Teacher, Soccer Coach, Dance Instructor (Hip-Hop/Breaking), English Instructor, Film/Media Arts Instructor, Art Teacher, African History Instructor, Music Instructor, and Computer Literacy Instructor.

Volunteers have the freedom to design their own curriculum; however, all proposed curricula must align with the workshops/classes that are already taking place in Uganda and must be approved by the AGYA Youth Leader Team.

Applications are due three months prior to your planned date of arrival in Uganda. If you are an energetic, creative person who wants to become an AGYA Volunteer, please contact us at: to request an Application!

4. Become an AGYA Intern

AGYA has internship opportunities in the following areas: Grant-writing and Research, Fundraising and Development, Social Media Marketing Webmaster, and Curriculum Development. Internships are both paid and unpaid, and applicants are considered on a rolling basis. Interns can work remotely, and must commit to at least 12 weeks. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree, excellent communication skills (oral and written), be able to work independently and meet time-sensitive deadlines, and be creative and innovative. Experience in education and the non-profit sector is a plus.

If you are interested in helping in this capacity, e-mail a resume and cover letter to AGYA Executive Director, Divinity Matovu at:

5. Link AGYA to Your Social-Networking Profile (Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Youtube, etc.)

Spread the word about AGYA's awesome programs, volunteer and internship opportunities by linking us: to your Twitter and Blog followers and Facebook friends!

Find us on Facebook and join our Group!

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6. Become an AGYA Ambassador!

Are you involved in a school, church, mosque, temple, sorority/fraternity, or any other community or social group that you can approach and talk about the work AGYA is doing to enrich the lives of Ugandan children and youth? If you are, consider becoming an Ambassador to advocate for your school or group to partner with, or support, AGYA.

7. Send us your used items!

Your used items are valuable to AGYA! Instead of throwing away your old cell phone or digital camera, consider donating it to AGYA!

AGYA's wish list includes:
  • Coloring Books (new)
  • Pens, Pencils, Coloring Pencils, and Markers
  • Notebooks and Paper
  • Paints and watercolors (new)
  • Paintbrushes (new or used-clean)
  • Sketchbooks (new)
  • Children's DVDs (new or used)
  • Mini DV tapes and DV tapes (new)
  • Color or black and white film (new)
  • New or used working digital cameras
  • New or used working video cameras
  • Tripods
  • New or used working laptops (PC or Mac)
  • New or used working cell phone 

 8. Help us Secure Corporate Sponsorships!

Do you work for a corporation? Will your company provide sponsorship for a cause like AGYA? Does your company provide matching donations for charitable gifts? Contact the Human Resources or Social Responsibility Department of your company to get answers to these questions! AGYA is always in need of money, shipping and printing services, food and venue sponsors for fundraisers, air travel, and much more that could be provided by a large corporation. Please let us know!