AGYA offers an International Volunteer Program to individuals and groups who wish to travel to Uganda. AGYA provides support, guidance, housing/accommodation, and language training to people seeking rewarding, enriching international volunteer experiences in Uganda.

Promoting skill-sharing, cultural immersion, and international awareness, AGYA offers volunteers the unique opportunity to make meaningful contributions to local communities in Uganda through teaching, care-giving, facilitating workshops, conducting outreach and advocacy efforts, and sharing professional skills. AGYA organizes both group and individual volunteer trips.

Volunteers have the freedom to design their own curriculum; however, all proposed curricula must align with the workshops/classes that are already taking place in Uganda and must be approved by the AGYA Youth Leader Team.

Applications are due three months prior to your planned date of arrival in Uganda. If you are an energetic, creative person who wants to become an AGYA Volunteer, please contact AGYA's Deputy Country Director Kenneth Mulinde at: kenny.amagezi@gmail.com to request an Application!