June 8, 2009

Power of Partnership: AGYA Teams Up With Canadian-Based "Point Youth Media"

Recognizing the power of partnership, AGYA has formed a partnership with Point Youth Media, a Canadian-based media arts organization. Using film and photography, the partnership aims to raise awareness among Vancouver youth, support the skill building of Kampala youth and to support locally based organizations by building sustainable projects. Point Youth Media will provide resources, skill building workshops and facilitation for AGYA youth members.

PYM representative, Nasra Mire is currently in Uganda and is being hosted by AGYA. 22 year old Mire holds a degree in graphic design from Langara College, and is in the process of completing a Global Stewardship Program at Capilano University.

Above: International volunteers (from left) Jillian Chou, Hayley Pappas, and Nasra Mire with AGYA Youth Leader Sarah Mulekatete

Since arriving in Uganda in mid-May, Mire has trained AGYA youth members in media arts technology. Under Mire’s leadership, youth members have been working on a mini-documentary about the Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association. The documentary will be completed in the coming weeks. One of Mire's students, 17 year old Brian Sseguya, was selected to direct the mini-documentary. "Nasra has taught me what it takes to be a director in the film industry. She is a good and experienced teacher. Working as a director was a big step for me because I only knew how to use a camera to take pictures, but now, because of Nasra, I can direct and edit."

Above: AGYA Youth Leader Nelson Kazibwe participates in one of Nasra's film workshops.

Below: Mire with AGYA Youth Leader Nelson Kazibwe.

Later this year, 5 more PYM representatives will travel to Uganda to work with AGYA youth members. AGYA is excited about this partnership, and looks forward to hosting more PYM representatives while developing an enhanced curriculum that can help Ugandan youth develop technical, marketable skills.