April 18, 2010

AGYA Co-Founder, Divinity Barkley, Named as a Finalist in DoSomething Awards

When AGYA Co-Founder, Divinity Barkley first heard of DoSomething.org six months ago, she thought of her favorite quote from Albert Einstein: “the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look and do nothing.”

DoSomething.org is an organization that creates a culture of volunteerism among young people by leveraging new technology, the internet, television, and pop culture. As part of their commitment to helping young people activate positive social change in local and global communities, DoSomething.org sponsors “The Do Something Awards” which honors young world-changers who have made significant impact in their communities.

AGYA is proud to announce that Divinity is a Do Something Award finalist. She will fly to New York City in May 2010 to represent AGYA and compete for one of five $10,000 community grants. If Barkley is nominated as one of the top 5 change-makers, she will have the unique opportunity to participate in a live VH1 TV show and possibly receive a grand prize of $100,000 for her work to empower and enrich the lives of youth in Uganda’s urban slums.

To learn more about Divinity’s commitment to Ugandan youth, visit:

To learn more about the Do Something Awards, visit:

We are also proud to announce that AGYA has been selected to receive a $500 Growth Grant from DoSomething.org. These funds will be used to purchase a new computer, printer and desk for the main office at the AGYA Learning Center. The acquisition of this new equipment will improve AGYA's overall communication between staff in Uganda and the United States, a major enhancement which will help AGYA continue on the path toward sustainability. The new computer will serve as the main data center for all of AGYA's e-communications, contacts, calendaring system, marketing and fundraising documents.