December 29, 2008

AGYA Vision Statement

By: Divinity L. Barkley

Amagezi Gemaanyi means Knowledge is Power in Luganda, Uganda's national language.

The Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association (AGYA) is committed to creating a safe, supportive, sustainable learning environment where Ugandan youth can develop leadership skills and express themselves creatively.

Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association has two core programs: AGYA Girls Program and AGYA After School Program.

AGYA Girls will provide adolescent Ugandan girls with positive role models and mentors, educational facilities and resources that will allow them to become successful female leaders in their communities.

AGYA After School Program will provide Ugandan children with a nurturing learning space featuring tutoring and innovative arts and educational classes including:

1. Computer Skills: teach basic typing skills and develop computer literacy
2. African History: teach ancient and contemporary African history; focusing on continental Africa and the Diaspora
3. Language: provide language training in English, Kiswahili, Spanish, Arabic, and various other world languages
4. Fashion Design: provide the skills needed to design bags, hats, dolls and clothes
5. Poetry & Creative Writing: provide opportunities to write, recite, and publish their own poems and short stories
6. Art (Dance & Music): provide opportunities to develop visual and performing arts skills
7. Photography, Film, & Media: provide opportunities to use digital technology to capture the images which reflect their culture and values

By January 2010, AGYA hopes to have 200 children enrolled in our various arts and education classes.

As AGYA develops, we will provide housing to orphans who need support, access to education, and a loving home, thus laying the foundation for the AGYA Orphanage.