January 28, 2009

AGYA Plans To Clean Up The Community With Monthly Charity Project

Introduced by AGYA youth leader, Sarah Mulekatete, AGYA will transform Nabulagala by conducting monthly clean-ups of the community. Although the AGYA facility is clean and sanitary, the streets and walk-ways outside of our gates are littered with trash, debris, contaminated water, broken glass, dirty plastic bags, and sewage.

Once a month, over 30 youth participants will take to the streets equipped with brooms and dust bins. Representing AGYA, they will form cleaning crews of 4 or 5 people who will collect trash to help our community look clean and presentable.

We hope to make our presence felt in the community by introducing positive initiatives such as the charity clean-up and the free lunch program. The first clean-up is scheduled for February 22nd.