January 28, 2009

Students Emerge As Leaders In Their Community Through AGYA

Among AGYA’s core objectives are our commitment to organizational and financial sustainability and the empowerment of Uganda’s next generation who will lead the nation and the continent of Africa towards the full promise of the 21st Century.

Unlike many nonprofit organizations working in Africa that rely disproportionately on international volunteers, AGYA’s volunteer corps is primarily made up of Ugandan youth and young adults who feel passionately about shaping the future of their communities and their nation.

AGYA currently has 7 youth leaders who have proven to be talented, smart, passionate, creative, and innovative. The youth who make up the basis of AGYA’s leadership team are:

18 year old Sarah Mulekatete

18 year old Nelson Kazibwe

18 year old Happy Caitrine Namutebi

16 year old Shamirah Nansubuga

17 year old Aisha Kyebakuwadde

18 year old Richard Bugeza

17 year old Kenneth Golooba Mulinde

All of the students, except Sarah who will begin her studies at Makerere University this Fall, are still enrolled in secondary school.

Sarah teaches English to youth and she also assists AGYA Co-Founder, Abraham Matovu, with the Textiles and Fashion Design Program.

Nelson and Richard teach English, handwriting, spelling, and mathematics to primary school-aged children.

Pending the successful launch of the AGYA Computer Lab, Shamirah will serve as the instructor of the computer skills classes. Shamirah also leads the AGYA photography program

Aisha leads the arts and crafts and jewelry-making projects that are ongoing at the AGYA House.

Happy Namutebi teaches poetry classes and English to elder women in Nabulagala and the surrounding community. Sarah and Happy also facilitate the AGYA Free Lunch Program.

Specializing in African Batik prints, Kenny leads the AGYA Art Program.

As AGYA develops, we hope to provide more leadership, training and job opportunities to Ugandan youth who will maintain our programs and lead AGYA, Uganda, and Africa into the future.