December 30, 2009

AGYA Art Students Earn A Field Trip To The Source of The River Nile

12 students who actively participated in AGYA Volunteer, Ben Rothschild's art class were rewarded with a free field trip to Jinja, the source of the River Nile, the world's longest river. While tourists frequent the site, for many of the students, the trip to Jinja was their first time to see the beauty of the River Nile. Students expressed gratitude for being given the chance to see the natural beauty that exists in their country.

During the day-long field trip, students were provided with a nutritious lunch and breakfast. They put into practice the skills they had acquired and developed over the course of Rothschild's 4-week workshops, and completed some beautiful, breathtaking still life and landscape drawings. See below for pictures chronicling this amazing opportunity that was given to 12 special, standout art students!

Above: Students pose for a group picture with their teacher, Ben Rothschild.

ABOVE: Ben explains the next activity to art students, Nelson Kazibwe and Kenneth Mulinde.

ABOVE: Students gather in a circle to share their critique of each students' final projects.

ABOVE: Aspiring artists, Juma Kaweesi and Enoch Kaweera take in the breathtaking view of Bujagali Falls.

ABOVE: Nelson Kazibwe and Brian Sseguya search for a new location to begin their next activity.

ABOVE: Juma works on a life drawing.

ABOVE: Ben takes a break from answering student questions.

ABOVE: Kaweera focuses on the perspective of his drawing.

ABOVE: Rita Nansubuga completes part 2 of the day's activities at Bujagali Falls.

ABOVE: Brian Sseguya gets started on part 1 of the day's projects at the Source of the River Nile.

ABOVE: Racheal Nankya focuses on shading her artwork.

ABOVE: Students pose for a group picture at the statue of famed peacemaker, Indira Ghandi.

ABOVE: Ben gives Brian some feedback on his life drawing.

ABOVE: Students arrive at Bujagali Falls.

ABOVE: Students receive papers, pencils, and erasers before beginning the day's activities.

ABOVE: Students snack on fresh mangoes.

ABOVE/BELOW: Students take in the scenery at the source of the River Nile