December 31, 2009

New AGYA Youth Leaders Announced

The involvement of youth in leadership positions of the organization is a central aspect of AGYA's philosophy. This is a departure from traditional Ugandan culture, which maintains the supremacy of elders, a point of view that often diminishes the capabilities of young people and renders their opinions irrelevant or unimportant. 

In AGYA, youth leaders have decision-making authority, contribute to the organization's overall strategic plan, conduct outreach and advocacy in the community, lead meetings, facilitate classes and workshops, and serve as Ambassadors to friends of AGYA. The inclusion of these powerful young voices has helped to set the organization's agenda and introduced new, innovative solutions to key problems affecting the thousands of Ugandan's living in urban poverty.

(ABOVE: AGYA's new leadership team with Co-Founders, Divinity Barkley and Abraham Matovu)

For the past year, nine youth leaders have been in charge of facilitating AGYA's core classes and workshops. These leaders have volunteered their time, showed their dedication to AGYA's mission statement, and proven to be indispensable assets to the organization. In order to open up leadership opportunities to a new set of leaders, AGYA Co-Founders, Matovu Abraham and Divinity Barkley, decided to implement an application process that would be conducted every 6 months. Through this new process, applicants had to submit a written application, deliver a speech at AGYA's weekly community meeting, and complete an interview with Abraham and Divinity. The process was rigorous and competitive. Returning youth leaders are: Sarah Mulekatete, Nelson Kazibwe, Aisha Kyebakuwadde, Kenny Mulinde, and Brian Sseguya. New youth leaders are: Ibrahim "Junior" Musisi, Bonny Mubiru, Jepheth Muzuza, and Dennis Mubiru.

Congratulations to all the new leaders (pictured below) who will lead AGYA into 2010!

Above: Bonny Mubiru, Manager: AGYA Sports Program

ABOVE: Kenny Mulinde, AGYA General Secretary

ABOVE: Jepheth Muzuza, Manager: AGYA Media Arts Program

ABOVE: Aisha Kyebakuwadde, Manager: AGYA Education/After-School Program

ABOVE: Dennis Mubiru, Manager: AGYA Art Program

ABOVE: Brian Sseguya, Manager: AGYA Performing Arts Program

ABOVE: Sarah Mulekatete, Manager: AGYA Girls Program

ABOVE: Ibrahim "Junior" Musisi, Manager: AGYA Free Lunch Program

ABOVE: Nelson Kazibwe, Manager: Facilities