September 19, 2010

Uganda's 2nd Lady, Dr. Margaret Bukenya, Visits AGYA

AGYA is honored to announce that Dr. Margaret Bukenya, a medical doctor and wife of Uganda's Vice President Dr. Gilbert Bukenya, recently visited AGYA. After spending the afternoon observing AGYA's programs and talking to youth at AGYA's Community Center, Dr. Margaret Bukenya had dinner with AGYA Board Member Dr. Charisma Acey and AGYA Co-Founder, Matovu Abraham. For youth like Naiga Shamira, who dreams of becoming a doctor and finding a cure for HIV/AIDS, meeting a dignitary like Dr. Bukenya was an amazing experience. AGYA thanks Dr. Bukenya for her visit! Check out the photos here:

Above: Dr. Bukenya adds her signature to AGYA's "Guestbook"

Above: Dr. Bukenya with AGYA Board Member, Dr. Charisma Acey who recently spent 2 weeks in Uganda visiting AGYA Programs.

Above: Dr. Bukenya poses on the front lawn of the AGYA Community Center with AGYA Girls Program participants.

Above: Dr. Bukenya participates in the AGYA Women's Literacy Class.

Above: Dr. Bukenya with AGYA Youth Leader, Kazibwe Nelson and AGYA Co-Founder, Matovu Abraham.