September 19, 2010

Youth Leader Kazibwe Nelson Reigns Supreme In Local Rap Competition

AGYA Youth Leader Kazibwe Nelson who goes by the emcee name "Jajanelly Vimcage" recently beat out several competitors to win a rap competition that was sponsored by Vision Voices, a series of youth-centered events sponsored by New Vision, a popular Ugandan radio station that publishes newspapers and magazines including Bukedde, City Beat, and New Vision. The competition was part of a festival BAZZER organized to welcome new students at major universities and colleges in Uganda. After winning in the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, Nelson reached the final stage of the competition.

Above & Below: Nelson performing during the rap competition.

Freestyling over a beat, Nelson eloquently and articulately presented his rap while exhibiting confidence and a strong stage presence.

At AGYA, we believe youth participation in the arts is therapeutic, a crime deterrent, diverts youth from high-risk behavior, improves academic performance, and builds critical self-discipline, communication, teamwork, and analytical skills. Nelson's success in the Vision Voices rap competition is a testament to the impact AGYA's arts programming has had on the lives of Ugandan youth. All of us at AGYA are very proud of Nelson for his accomplishment as an artist and as a performer. We look forward to working with Nelson as he evolves as an artist.

Above: Nelson with other children at AGYA during a recording session at a local studio.

Above: Nelson showing his love for music.

Above: Nelson representing for AGYA while performing at Uganda's National Theatre.