March 1, 2011

AGYA Executive Director Contributes to Just BE Cause, a Book About Social Entrepreneurship

Just BE Cause is an e-book that will provide meaningful ideas and resources to social entrepreneurs, specifically those optimistic go-getters who make up Generation Y better known as Millenials. AGYA is excited to announce that our very own Co-Founder and Executive Director, Divinity Barkley Matovu has been selected to contribute to the book. As a contributor, Divinity joins leaders from organizations like The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs, StartingBloc, Ashoka and Catchafire who share their ideas, experiences, and viewpoints on subjects ranging from sustainability to microfinance, authenticity to creative fundraising.

The brain behind Just BE Cause is Syreeta Gates, a 23 year old social entrepreneur from Queens, New York. Syreeta is the founder of The SWT Life (pronounced “Sweet”), a company that maximizes the likelihood of success for young innovators by providing entrepreneurial coaching, personal development training, and exposure to successes in the arts, entertainment and business. As a news source, incubator for, and purveyor of urban youth culture, it is poised to be the most influential brand for the millennial generation.

Syreeta and Divinity originally connected in May 2010 when Divinity was named as a top 15 finalist for the $100,000 DoSomething Award. Divinity and Syreeta re-connected in New York in November 2010 when both young women were honored by Glamour Magazine as one of the top 20 Amazing Young Women Who Are Already Changing The World.

“With so much in common, it made sense that Syreeta and I would collaborate in some way. Our synergy is amazing, and I really admire the work Syreeta is doing to empower young people in the United States,” says Divinity. “It is such an honor and a privilege to have my voice included in the Just BE Cause project, an electronic book which speaks directly to Millenials, a group of people who believe, with every fiber of our soul, that we have the ability and the potential to create social change and make our world a better place.”

Each contributor will have the opportunity to drive sales of the book. For each book that Divinity sells, 50% of the profits will be donated to AGYA. The book is expected to be published in Summer 2011. Follow @justbecausebook on Twitter for the most recent updates.