March 26, 2011

Youth Voices: AGYA Girls Teen Shamirah Nansubuga On Finding A Family In AGYA

Before I joined AGYA, I didn’t know what goals and having dreams in life meant. I joined AGYA the day it started in 2008, and I was happy to be a part of everything that was going on in AGYA.

The environment and the people were positive and I felt that it was the place I was longing for. I got to learn things I never thought I would get a chance of knowing in life.

I was given the opportunity to lead my fellow youth in photography workshops. I didn’t know much about photography but AGYA gave me the chance to try it out with the little knowledge that I had. This gave me the courage to do the best that I knew.

Above: Shamira controls a professional camera during a workshop with NY-based filmmaker, Skinner Meyers at AGYA's Community Center in Uganda.

I felt responsible, honored and privileged to be sharing knowledge with my fellow youths. Through this I was able to discover my goals and to see that I have got dreams in life.

I had lost hope in my education because I had dropped out of school for a year because my mom could not afford to pay my fees. But AGYA was able to put me back to school through the AGYA Girls "Adopt-A-Scholar" project with Delta Sigma Theta. This year is my second year to be sponsored. I will graduate from high school next year, and hopefully, go on to study in University.

At AGYA, I have a family that cares about me, wishes the best for me, and loves me. I found hope in AGYA and I feel it’s my life time commitment. Thanks to Maama Divinity and Uncle Ibra, the co-founders of AGYA for their wonderful spirit that they have for people like us. We really do appreciate all of the opportunities AGYA brings in our lives.